Health & Safety

NOTE: This application has been discontinued
1. WHS Audits

Conduct regular audits and track your progress by comparing results with prior years.

Manages delegation of audit and review responsibilities.

Covers every aspect from your boundary fence to the broom cupboard light switch.

Failing items can be tracked and assigned to responsible people or groups.

2. Excursion risk assessment and management

A five-step process will lead you safely from planning through to review.

In the process you will benefit from the experience of others as you selectively include their solutions to the safety and security problems that you will be facing.

The system is designed to learn from your mistakes. For example, during the review process you realise that taking a length of rope would have been a great idea, your suggestion leads to a WH&S co-ordinator adding this item to the inventory for future similar excursions.

3. Hazard management

A simple register for identifying hazards and tracking their progress through to resolution.

Each current hazard is owned by a staff member ensuring there is always somebody taking responsibility to rectify the problem.

All history is retained ensuring a complete WH&S hazard log is actively maintained.

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