School Notices

Targeted notices for everyone

In today's digitally connected world we are constantly bombarded with more information than we need. In this application we are empowering the school to reduce the amount of clutter and cut directly to the notices that are relevant to each recipient.

The core of the application is a heirarchical set of groups. By default we configure groups for 'All staff' and each year level. In addition you can add groups for different sporting codes, co-cirrucular activities, performing arts groups.

Creating a notice
  • Construct your notice using standard text, or alternatively add some style with our WYSIWYG editor
  • Select your target recipients whether they are one or more of the groups, a specific class or classes, or individual students
  • Schedule the date or date range for your notice
  • For schools not quite ready to embrace targeted notices you can still operate the application with groups representing each year level
  • Delivery of notices via Email or mobile phone app
  • Security configured within each group allows the school to configure who can create notices in each group and who will receive those notices
  • Each day when the notices are scheduled for delivery we also create a generic report of the days notices and store this in an archive

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