Student Attendance

Roll Marking and Absence Processing

Assisting your school to execute your duty of care in an efficient and reliable manner. Monitoring student attendance and escalating student absence procedures.

  • Roll marking with status continuance - when a student is marked absent they will remain absent until they are marked present, and vice versa
  • Optionally use student images with roll marking
  • Ability for admin staff to update absence information, apply explanations and enter absences in advance
  • Absence monitoring via a set of pre-configured triggers will generate an action when the trigger conditions are met. Triggers can be configured to fire on: a cumulative number of unexplained absences in a term; or, a number of unexplained consecutive absences.
  • The trigger will fire an action which can be an SMS, an Email or a printed notice sent to a parent, teacher, chaplain, the principal or an outside party.
  • Absence SMS messages sent to parents include support for parent replies to be captured by the application
  • Configure your own wording and style in each of the notices generated by the system.

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