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By using SOBS you agree to be bound by these conditions. These conditions may be amended from time to time and you agree to any amendments. You agree to check these conditions regularly. You will not provide false or misleading information or misuse the site. If this is done your right to use SOBS can be withdrawn.


Focus Computing Pty Ltd (an Australian company) owns the website. Copyright in the website, graphics, logos, programming, application workflow and database structures is vested in the owning company.

Use of the service

SOBS is designed for self management - the school is responsible for managing their own SOBS configuration and the data they choose to store in SOBS. SOBS support staff can assist with the following tasks:

  • Helping the school to configure their settings within SOBS
  • Management of the school data stored in SOBS
  • Guiding schools to helpful articles and videos that will explain processes within SOBS
  • Providing online or telephone based training on the use of SOBS applications

You are allowed to use the website for the purpose it is intended. The intended purpose for the different applications are as follows:

  • Resource Booking: To be used for booking rooms and resources as controlled by the school
  • Parent Booking: To be used for parent, students, or staff making bookings for various activities within the school
  • School Notices: To be used for entering and delivery of school notices
  • Detention System: To record and track student behaviour
  • Student Attendance: Role marking and absentee processing
  • Permission Slips: To send permission slips to parents and process responses
  • School Calendar: To share information about school activities and events
  • Enrolment: To management the enrolment process
  • QR Capture: Record information about people visiting a location
  • Car Parking: To fairly manage the availability of car parks for staff

If SOBS is misused then the right to use SOBS can be withdrawn at the owners sole discretion.

You will comply with all state and federal laws. You will not misuse anyone's copyright.

You may use SOBS for a trial period. After the trial period expires you may choose to purchase a subscription. If you choose to purchase a subscription an invoice will be sent to you, failure to pay this invoice will result in the service being terminated. To continue using the service each successive year, you will be required to pay the renewal invoice supplied.


To continue using your subscription you must pay the subscription invoice amount.

Various SOBS applications utilise SMS messaging. Most of these SMS messages are free. However, if you are using the Student Attendence application, or the Permission Slips application you will be charged for the SMS messages generated within these applications. In addition to those two applications, there are also functions that allow bulk SMS messaging to parents, students or staff, if you use one of these you will see a confirmation dialog showing the approximate cost of these messages, and asked to confirm your acceptance to pay for these.

Invoices for SMS messaging will be sent after the end of each calendar month.

To simplify the management of these charges, the school can select global options like "No SMS messaging", "Free SMS messaging only", "Free SMS messaging and chargeable SMS messaging". The SOBS Administrator will be asked to confirm these settings at the beginning of each calendar year.


You may terminate the use of any one or more applications at any time. You can do this by cancelling the subscription from within the application or you can do so by contacting our support staff.

Terminating a subscription does not necessarily imply you will receive any refund for the unused portion of your subscription, however depending on the circumstances this may be permitted.


Best endeavours will be made to have SOBS available at all times. However availability may be affected by:

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Computer, web server or software malfunction
  • Network congestion
  • Failure of communication network provided to us or you by an Internet Service Provider
  • Equipment failure
  • Circumstances beyond our control

We will try within reason to provide a secure internet environment. There are risks in exchanging information on the internet and users accept this risk and will themselves judge what information to place on this website.


You agree that the owner will not be liable for any loss, claim, damage, or expense you may incur from use of this website. This includes any claim made against you that you say is the owner's fault. You cannot also make any claim for misuse of any information you place on this site or is accessed using this site. You agree not to make any claim if SOBS is not available to use for any reason.

The owner does agree that you may be refunded fees paid within the last 12 month period.

Use of SOBS and this site is your own responsibility and at your own risk.


You agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the owner, its officers, employees and agents against any loss, liability, claims or expenses you incur, including legal costs, on a solicitor/client indemnity basis in relation to any claim, loss, liability or expenses.


This agreement is governed by the laws of Queensland, applicable Federal and Commonwealth laws and International copyright laws.

Valid as at

These terms and conditions are current as at the 18th March 2024

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