Car Parking

Car Parking Management

Automcatically allocate staff to various staff car parking available at your school.

  • Define car parking classifications, like Principal, DP, HOD, Visitor, Disabled and assign staff to a classification
  • Car parks not classified from the list above will form the basis of the general pool
  • We utilise a campus map to define where car parking is available
  • Staff select their preferred parking area from the campus map
  • Staff will record all of their vehicle registration numbers
  • Staff define the days and times where they require a car park - allows for part time staff and other staff who utilise public transport or car pooling
  • Staff can release their car park back to the pool on days it will not be required, for example when they are away on PD or on leave
  • Administration can quickly view available car parks around the campus
  • Generate reports for any day / time listing the registration numbers valid for each parking space, suitable for auditing
  • Maintain a record of invalid cars parked

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