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With your school notices now organised and arranged online staff will have no excuses for getting their notices in on time. Access from school, from home, and of course from their smart phones


Notices are primarily categorised by the year level they are valid for. A notice can span all or selected year levels, this works particularly well for K-12 schools.

There is also a special category for 'Staff notices' - these are listed separately and are not visible on the public portals.

You also have the ability to classify notices using your own defined categories. For example you may have categories like Academic, Performing Arts, Sports, etc.

Paper optional

One of our key features is the ability to send notices out by email, so your staff will receive their notices at a specific time each morning in their inbox. This allows for a later cut-off time, faster delivery across a larger campus, and uses less paper

The notices are also viewable online, for staff they can login to see all notices including the Staff specific notices. Parents and students may have access to a public URL that shows todays notices

The notices are also enabled within the 'Public Display' function for Sobs. The public display is a series of large screens positioned at strategic locations around the school. The school can configure public viewable notices to scroll across this display

Lastly there is also the option to print your notices and we have implemented various options to minimise the amount of paper required

Validity and Recall

Notices can be entered for any date in the future.

Notices by default will be registered for a particular day, however staff can easily specify the notice to be valid for any length of time, allowing them to plan years in advance.

The application also includes a search facility to locate old notices allowing staff to locate a notice previously used and reschedule it

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