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Parents are prompted to enter their email address - this is their unique identification. Additionally they can enter their name and a contact number

Many schools ask about PIN numbers or passwords for parents. We do have PIN numbers as an option, however it requires that you upload login names and PIN numbers for each parent. This is an option, however the vast majority of schools and parents find the system works well without this additional security. We discuss this further in our online help articles

Adding Students

When the parent registers a child, they also specify the year level. It is this year level that automatically identifies the interview dates that have been scheduled at the school, along with the teachers that are available for interview selection.

Selecting Teachers

When the parent selects to book interviews they are prompted with a list of the staff that teach this year level. The parent will select the teachers that they are wanting interviews with and then click 'Next' to continue to the booking page

By default we use this year-level method to select teachers, however schools can choose from a combination of options including: List all staff for parents to select from; List staff within the students year level; List staff by subject and get the parent to first select a subject; or a combination of subject and year level

Booking Interviews

GREEN slots are available, RED slots are your bookings, and GREY slots are unavailable. Each teacher is displayed in a column, so the parent only needs to click once in each column.

The parent wants to book interview times that are: (A) suitable for them, and (B) adjacent to any other bookings they are making. This form enables them to see when each teacher is available, and also where there are adjacent available slots.

Click on a GREEN slot and it will turn RED, the students name is placed in this slot. The slots to the left and right of this booking will turn GREY - they are no longer available for this parent. Clicking a RED slot will remove the booking, allowing the parent to choose a new slot. This makes it very easy for the parent to change their mind while still maintaining the integrity of the booking system.

If a teacher has no available slots, or the parent is unable to locate a suitable interview time, we provide a 'Contact' button at the end of each column allowing the parent to request an alternative meeting time, outside of these organised times. (The school can choose to disable this option, or configure it so that it is only available once all of the slots are booked, etc)

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