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Student Daily Notices

Wednesday 05-Aug-2020

All school
Term 3 Lunchtime Sports come and try and training sessions
Mondays - Netball
Tuesdays - Basketball (Also Friday mornings 8-9am)
Wednesday - Badminton + Fitness Lab (restricted numbers)
Thursday - Beginner Rowing + Table Tennis
Friday - Volleyball
Lunchtime Personal Fitness programs with Marcus (see MCSS website, newsletter 4 for more details) -Permission note required-see PE staff.
The school is offering an Enrichment session at Miles Franklin Primary School for students to conduct Community Service work with early childhood classes. Students will have a 40-minute session assisting an Early Childhood Teacher (Kindergarten) with a classroom activity.

Students will use the school bus or walk to Miles Franklin Primary School, Evatt, in a group with Richa Jyoti and Ben Zywczak from Melba Copland High School Campus during lunch, and then return to High School by 3:00pm.

The enrichment starts on 30th July 2020 and students that have been accepted are required to bring permission slips signed by parents back to Ms. Jyoti by 30th July 2020.

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A unique set of air pods were handed in to the front office last term. We have been unable to locate the owner as yet. If you lost a set and can describe them please come to the front office or call the school

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